Friday, June 26, 2009

.~Farrah Fawcett.~

Good-bye Miss Farrah. You were a special person here on earth. I admired everything about you especially your courage.

.~Michael Jackson.~

Dear Michael, I pray that you are in a peaceful spot. Thank-you for mesmerizing me with your dancing. You are one of the most talented people I have ever watched perform. I will miss you.
May God Bless your family and keep them safe~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

.~Paolucci Illustration and Design.~

Sarah is going to donate a wine bag to our Heart at Work Auction. On her Etsy store website she describes it as "soft to the touch it adds a bit of "wow" to any bottle of wine."
Sarah not only creates wine bags, she is also a talented illustrator also. Please make sure to stop in her store: Paolucci Illustration and Design
By the way, Sarah participated in the Avon 2 Day 40 Mile Walk and raised $1,800 for finding a cure for breast cancer.
Thank-you Sarah for helping fight the fight.
The only way cancer can win is if brave people sit around and do nothing:)

~Patty Bilbro - Foxfire Pottery~

~Patty Bilbro - Foxfire Pottery~ Patty's pottery speaks directly to my heart. If I could, I would have my kitchen cabiniets filled with Foxfire Pottery.
I love what Patty wrote about her work on her profile~
"My attempts to simplify my life are reflected in the shapes, lines and surfaces of my most recent work. Simplicity of brush strokes, figures and emotions are combined on traditionally functional shapes. I rely on unmanageable atmospheric patterns and colors created in the kiln to reveal the often complex nature of those things that appear simple."
Please take some time to visit Foxfire Pottery it will make your day!
Thank-you for donating Patty!

Krafted Keepsakes288

Just look at these glasses! They jumped right off the web page the minute I clicked on them!
The artist behind them is Ardell from Krafted Keepsakes288
I love her description:
"These lovely ladies each hold 16 ounces of wine!! Saves on all the walking back and forth for refills!! Great for girls' night out parties, bachelorette parties, you name it. Each glass is hand painted by me with glass enamel paints and glaze. They are dishwasher safe but I recommend handwashing. Complete with rhinestones and a brass bustiere wine glass charm these girls are ready to dazzle!!"
Ardell lost a great friend to breast cancer. Her donation is on behalf of Cynthia Alex-Burrington. "The wound heals but the heart keeps hurting. I miss you, Ardell".

Thank-you Ardell!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

.~Novely Antigoni's Jewelery Design.~

This Etsy Store - Novely Antigoni's Jewelery Design - is located in Greece.
There are so many beuatiful jewels in this store!
I a so appreciative that Antigoni is participating in our Heart at Work Auction.
Antigone was inpired to name her jewels Novely which is the italian word (nove) for nine (9), a number very significant for her life.
She loves rich colors and feminine designs for her jewels.
Everything in this shop is top quality and one-of-a-kind~
Thank-you so much for doanting!!!

Field & Sea

Jennifer at Field and Sea accepted my invitation to donate an item to our Heart at Work Auction! She said she was going to put together a little donation package. I just think the items in her store are so fresh, lively and fun. Please grab a basket and go shopping!!! You won't find things like this anywhere else but here!
Thank-you Jennifer!

.~Sea Glass Designs.~

I took this description straight off Sea Glass Designs Etsy Store:
"A beautiful cobalt blue wrapped in sterling silver. The sea glass measures 1" (2.5 cm) in length and hangs on a 20" sterling silver box chain (16 or 18" chain may be substituted by request).
The glass was found on a Cape Breton beach.Sea glass, also known as beach glass or mermaid's tears, is nature's answer to bottles, china and pottery carelessly thrown into the sea many years ago. The glass is tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand until it washes up on shore, waiting to be found by a lucky passerby."

I feel so fortunate that I was lucky enough to find this Etsy Store. it has the most unique items and I feel blessed that they would like to donate to our Heart@Work Auction!
Thank-you so much!

.~Shepard Creations Handcrafted Glass Art.~

Everything in the Shepard's Creations Etsy Store is made by Paul and Patirce. This artwork is clearly inspired by a love for nature and all God's creations. I hope you take sometime to see all the wonderful items they gave to offer!
Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Andrus Gardens Textile Art.~

At the Andrus Gardens Textile Art Etsy Shop you will find original garden and nature inspired textile art. Sue uses her own hand painted and sunprinted fabrics, various other fabrics and fibers, paints, and more.
You can also find her Note Cards, Art Quilt Pins, Fabric Bowls, Patterns and more in the Etsy Shop as well! For display info please visit here:
Thank-you for donating Sue!

.~Enchanted Bitz.~

The Enchanted Bitz Shop is filled with handmade jewelry with gemstones, pearls, crystals, beads. Romantic, retro, nature inspired. Vintage, collectibles also!
Ileana - the artist behind the shop - is inspired by nature and one of her most important goals is to express in my jewelry the eternal qualities of our highest feelings.
Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Ouma Clothing.~

When I first saw this image, Carnival Party," I emailed Monique to see if she would donate a print. I didn't realize this was a fashion shoot of her clothing! I think this photograph is just fantastic! But what Monique - owner of Ouma Clothing - actually does is create clothes for girls who want something fun and completely original. Each piece she designs is a one off made by her two hands. She selects exclusive fabrics and trims with quality and individuality in mind.
If you're looking for that special piece for a certain special event(or maybe you're super chic and can pull off looking ultra hip everyday) then you've stumbled on the perfect spot.
I am not sure what Monique will donate, but I can't wait to see!
I think she should make a coffee table book of all her fashion photography!
Thank-you Monique!

.~Bee Dazzles Pendants.~

The pendants at Bee Dazzles Etsy Shop will brighten your day! They are handcrafted in Minnesota, by Bee from her original artwork. For more about the art and previews of new designs, please visit Bee's Buzzings:

.~Linda Norton.~

Oh how I love this painting. It is called "Starlight." I discovered it in Linda Norton's Etsy Store
There is something abou tit that just sends me~.
Linda is keeping all her adventures and misadventures in one place on her new blog.
Hope you take some time to explore Linda's artwork.
She is a treasure~
Thank-you Linda for donating to our auction!

.~Lauren Alexander.~

Want to make your heart sing? Then visit Lauren Alenander's Etsy Shop.
She is an artist and teacher in the lovely midwest. She loves color and all things fun and musical.
Her artwork makes me so happy!
Thank-you for donating Lauren!

.~the dreamy giraffe collection.~

Painting Title: The Girl Who Loved The Tin Man
I don't think I told K.J. from the the dreamy giraffe collection Etsy Store when I asked her if she would donate an item to the auction that my godfather was Jack Haley, the tin man in the Wisard of Oz. This painting just makes my heart swell, as I was truly the girl who loved the tin man in real life! Oh except I have red hair.

You just must go to K.J's Etsy Store and read her Bio

Thank-you so much K.J for donating and for being brave to find and explore your inner artist!

.~Maui Dive Girl Designs - Adorn Yourself with Aloha.~

Lisa from Maui Dive Girl Designs wrote me and told me that she would love to donate to our auction as her mother is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. it is a cause that is very meaningful to her. It is hard to find someone who has not been effected in some way shape or form, by breast cancer.

I just loved Lisa's bio so much, I wanted to share it with you in her worlds:

Lisa's Bio:
"Who is Maui Dive Girl Designs?I met my husband Todd on Maui my very first time scuba diving while on vacation from cold Chicago. He was a scuba diving instructor on the island. It took a lot of convincing (I know this sounds hard to believe) to get me to move from my hometown and favorite city, but after an underwater marriage proposal in Fiji, my love for him and enjoyment of underwater exploration, I packed up my life and moved to an island.
As a former graphic designer with a passion for making things and even as a young girl, I was always gathering, mixing and matching and laying things out.
For the past 8 years I've been channeling my creativity into making jewelry as gifts for friends. Now, thanks to their support, they've inspired me to distribute and share my handmade treasures with the public.
My inspiration comes from this beautiful island, above and below the sea, with it's life, texture, color and patterns.Maui, an island in the middle of the ocean; my favorite recreation, scuba diving; and a passion for design, Maui Dive Girl Designs was born.
For more visit:"
Thank-you so much Lisa!

.~Anna Klara.~

Anna Lara's Etsy Shop contains the most unique coasters! All are handmade by Anna.
Mosy of the coasters in the shop are made from old children's books. They are coated with 3 layers of varnish which makes them water resistant. Please take a look at them! You won't find coasters like this anywhere else in the world! By the way, Anna is from Sweden!
Thank-you for donating Anna!

.~Angela D. Mathew.~

Angela Mathew's Etsy Shop is filled with original watercolor paintings. I think that they are all so lovely, free flowing and beautiful! One other thing she sales in her shop is hand made quilted cell phone sleeves with a copy's of an original watercolor painting sewn on.
The one pictured here is called Dancin'
The case is lined: has smooth edges showing inside and out.
Cell Phone Sleeve measures: 3.5"w X 5"h
(Any painting listed on or can be used to create your phone sleeve....just contact her!!)
Thank-you so much for donating Angela!

.~Cake Box Cookies.~

Kelli's Cake Box Cookies Etsy Store is filled with decorated cookies that taste - as Kelli puts it - damn good!
I love her bio so I am just going to reprint it from her Etsy Store:
Kelli's Bio
"One day back in 2003 after a particularly disastrous attempt at making cut-out cookies, I unleashed my inner OCD, rolled up my sleeves and began to learn everything I could about sugar cookies. I read books, perused the internet, tested recipes and practiced, practiced, practiced. I wasn't thinking of starting a business, I just didn't like getting beat in the kitchen by some rolled out dough and colored icing!
Over time, I perfected my recipe (taste is everything) and my icing technique. Pretty soon people were asking for my cookies for their weddings, showers and parties. The rest as they say, is history.So that my dears, is how Cakebox Cookies started.Feel free to contact me with any questions you have, or if you're interested in a custom order."

Thank-you Kelli for donating!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.~Rogue Beet.~

The front page of Rogue Beet's Etsy Store welcomes you with a Navajo Blessing "May you always walk in beauty." How appropriate for our charity auction as we raise money to walk 60 miles for 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research and out reach programs.
Jessica - who is the artist behind of Rougue Beet - emailed me and let me know that her mom participated in Chicago's Avon in June and says her feet are still hurting!
I am so excited to have Jessica donate an item of her authentic creations.
They are just stunning.
Thank-you Jessica!

.~The Flash Bulb.~

This is a print of an orginal sewn art quilt. Srephanie has an Etsy Store called The Flash Bulb
Ijust love her orginality and use of color. Whimsy and birds are two of my favorite things in life, so Stephanie had my heart right away! Make sure to take a look at all her original designs for sale!
Thank-you for donating to out auction Stephanie!

.~Chella Bella Designs.~

Oh look at this lovely twister hobo bag by Chella Bella Designs.
All the bags in this store are designed with fashion in mind,, and they
keep the bags at an affordable price. The quality? outstanding!
This is the exact bag that they are donating!
I am more than excited!
Thank-you so very much!!!!


Tascha emailed me today with a link to the exact print that she is donating to our Heart at Work Auction. Isn't it just precious? To see more of Tascha's talent, please visit her online gallery:

Thank-you Tascha!

.~Linen Me.~

Inga from the Linen Me shop emailed me and let me know that she would be happy to donate a rose to our heart at Work Auction.
I would love to share her profile with you:
"Originally from Lithuania, I am currently based in the United Kingdom and I absolutely adore working with natural fibres, and to be precise - with linen. My family back home has been working with linen for many decades, and they must have given me the gene of some sort of passion for linen!
On a more serious note, I adore the quality and characteristics of pure linen fabric, and I find it extremely inspiring. I design modern and classic soft furnishings for home, whether it's bedroom, bathroom or your living area.
For more information on my linen designs please visit my blog"

Also please visit her online store at
Thank-you so much for donating Inga!

.~Swan Mountain Soaps.~

Is your skin dry, tired and looking for a little attention? Then Swan Mountain Soaps has something especially for you! They specialize in luxurious hand-made artisan soaps and body products, all made completely from scratch in small batches to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. Pamper yourself with these speciality soaps that contain no detergents, fillers, or lather boosters, no formaldehyde, and no parabens - just naturally-good, skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil.

Thank-you for donating!

Friday, June 19, 2009

.~Sadly Harmless.~

Sadly Harmless Etsy Store has lovely paintings and prints in it:)
Sally Harness lives in Indiana. I love her art so much. This polar bear is one of my favorites.
I wanted to share her artist statement with you~
"My work attempts to fuse images reminiscent of children’s books with the struggles of adjusting to adulthood. My characters deal with issues of self consciousness, depression, solitude, and longing. I attempt to make images relatable in content and also aesthetically pleasing. There is almost always some kind of ailment that afflicts my characters. I also incorporate elements of humor in all of my work through the use of anthropomorphism as well as cynicism. My art has become a visual diary of what happens in my world and how those things affect me. I use these characters as a vehicle to tell my own story."
Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Valerie's Gallery.~

Everything is so cozy at Valerie's Gallery! It is the perfect spot to purchase handmade felted wool vessels and handknit accessories for that person that has ever thing! because I guarentee, that don't have anything like Valerie's beautiful handi work!
Valerie accepted my invitation to donate an item to our Heart at Work Auction!
I can't wait to see what she donates!!!!

.~Fiber Felter.~

I fell in love with Libby's shawls the minute I saw them on Etsy. Oh what fun to wear on a cold Montana night! Please take a look at all her other wonderful items in her store: Fiber Felter
I can't wait to see what she is going to donate!
Thank-you so much!!!!

.Brooke Kent.~

I just fell in love with this piece when I saw it on Etsy. Isn't it lovely? The artist is Brooke Kent
as she did not waste a minute to let me know that she would be happy to donate a piece of her artwork to our heart at Work Auction. Thank-you Brooke!


Danita.Art is donating to our Heart at Work auction. I couldn't feel more happy about it. I have admired Danita's artwork for years. Danita has a wonderful imagination. I would love to sit and have a tea with her one day. Thank-you Danita for blessing our fundraiser with your talent.
oxoxoxox Traci~

.~Villareal Ceramics.~

Villareal Ceramics is on her way to Tucson Arizona this summer, but she is taking the time to donate this beautiful bird box to our Heart at Work Auction! She is a graduate from the Oregon College of Art & Craft and I was an artist in residence at the Mendocino art center in California.
Her work centers around themes of home and comfort, escape and longings. She says that roses, houses, ladders and birds help symbolize these feelings.
Each piece is made with slabs of clay and then folded and cut to create different forms. The surface of each piece contains many textures from my tools or from my fingertips, Each piece is made to have a unique personality or story.

Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Studio Petite.~

Jen, the amazing artist at Studio Petite claims to be an eclectic coffee drinking self taught published commercial freelance artist. I spent a lot of time in her store and I must say, I think it is true! She loves mixing vintage with modern to make it my own.I also love dogs and cats equally, oversized furniture, walking and talking, peonies, creating and creatives...oh, and she can never get enough of books, music, and film!
Follow her on Twitter:
And her blog:

Thank-you for donating!

PS She wants to make a custom design just for the event!!!!!
I am speechless!

.~ Le Petit Monstre.~

The first time I entered Ashley's Etsy Store - Le Petit Monstre - her prints stole my heart!
I can related to these collages so very much. What an authemtic artist. Wow!
Thank-you for being brave enough to create the art you do~
Thank-you also for donating.
It is an honor!


Pizpiereta's is sending a donation all the way from Spain! There are so many lovely and unique items in ths Etsy shop. Everything is one-of-akind to be sure!
Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Art Garden.~

Art Garden's Etsy store is filled with divine artwork. This artwork reflects the love for plants , the natural world , and different expressions of the feminine spirit. I am so inspired by the things I see in this store~
Thanks so much for doanting!!!!!

.~Annie K Designs.~

Annie K Designs did not hesitate when I asked if she would donate to our Heart at Work Auction.
The items in this Etsy store are perfect for every home. I can tell that LOVE comes with every purchase:)
Thank-you so much for donating!!!!

.~F2 Images.~

I discovered Emi and Mark's work in an Etsy Treasury. They currently have work on display at Starbucks in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward. The address is 326 N. Water St., Milwaukee, WI 53202. The work will be on display for the entire month of June.

If you can't make it there, then simply go to their Etsy store: F2 Images

Thank-you so much for donating!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.~Green Street Bags.~

Oh I was so happy when yet another eco friendly Etsy Shop - Green Street Bags - decided to donate to the Heart at Work Auction. Thes reusable snack and sandwich bags are a great alternative to costly and environmentally dangerous plastic baggies. One can not have enough of these!
Thank-you so much for helping in the fight against breast cancer!

.~Kathi's Kreations.~

Kathis's Kreations has some really neat items in it. My absolute favorite are Kathi's eco friendly sandwich bags. I think this is a fantastic idea! Do you know someone who has everything? I bet they don't have eco friendly reusable sandwich bags! This one with the hippo on it is my absolute favorite!
Thank-you so much for donating Kathi!

.~Green man Shop.~

The Green Man Etsy Shop offers a variety of unique items aimed for children, a well as adults.
I am completely mesmerized by the wonder and joy that I find here.
Amir and Orianne Shavit, live in the north of Israel with thier three children.They started out in graphic design and illustration and for the last six years design and make costumes, props and stage set-ups for a very unique theater group called "balbalu street theater company".They both work at home, home schooling our daughters and enjoying very much and feeling thankful for being able to work together in every field of life.
I am thankful to them for donating to our cause!


Honestly the Balanced Etsy Store throws me off balance! Everything in there is absolutely stunning! Here you can find an assortment of eclectic hand crafted bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. To top it off the artist lives in Dublin, Ireland!
Thank-you Rach so much for donating to our cause!

.~Easy 123.~

The East 123 Estsy Store has some of the most beautiful and organic hand knitted and crocheted items I have ever seen! Look at this lovely green scarf! it looks like it is right out of the Sundance catalog! Oh and you should see Michele's wraps, hats and household items!
They are all made in delicious colors!
I can't wait to see what she donates to the auction!
Thank-you Michele!!!

.~Love Erica.~

Love Erica is a delightful Etsy shop filled with one-of-a-kind items handcrafted by Erica who is a freshman in college. In Erica's shop you can find original paintings, cards, jewelery , prints... .
I personally love these pink earrings, they are so feminine!
Thank-you Erica for donating to finding a cure for breast cancer!

.~Villiage Clayworks.~

I must say that Villiage Clayworks is one of my most favorite Etsy stores. The little birds make me swoon! If I had my way, my whole house would be filled with Catherine Reece's vases, bowls, wall decor, planters, platters... . All of the work is hand made and drawn by Catherine featuring whimsical designs and bright colors. I think I know what I want for Christmas. How about you?
Thanks so much for donating Catherine!

Monday, June 15, 2009

.~Fong's Studio.~

It was love at first sight! The handmade owls in Fong's Studio are just adorable. Oh and owls are not all that you will find there! Fong's shop has pillows of all shapes, sizes and colors!
I love what Roemary wrote on the front page of her store:
"All my items are the combination of my life experiences and my observations towards nature. Nature was the main theme of all Fong's Studio products.I'm immersed in the process of sewing with my unique natural sense and so all the Fong's Studio handmade products are unique,with the imagination of nature.I keep in mind that quality fabrics and designs are both important for your comfort.And so, I prefer using 100% cotton fabrics in making all those pillow-related products as it is not only give a smooth touch and also easy to wash. I enjoyed sewing those little comfortable products and hope that you'll find them comfortable too for thousands of nights!"
Thank-you so much for donating!

.~Kat's Creations.~

Kat's Creations Etsy Shop is filled with jewelery that makes perfect gifts for anyone in your life-including you! Kathryn lives in eastern NC. She oves animals and have rescued many all of which are spayed or neutered.
Thank-you so much for participating in helping find a cure for breast cancer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

.~Taylor Made Jewlery.~

Everything is handmade at Taylor Made Jewelery
And every piece is unique!
The store is filled with jewelery made with real gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals. sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire and chain. Custom speical orders are encouraged!
I am very appreciative of this Etsy store! Thank-you for donating!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

.~Olivia Moon.~

Oliva Moon's Etsy store is filled with beautiful whimsical trinkets and keepsakes.
We are so lucky that she is donating not one, but TWO pendants to our Heart at Work Auction.
Susan Pitts is the generous artist and proprieter of Oliva Moon. She lives in South Carolina and
enjoys photographing children and working in her darkroom when she isn't collaging and soldering one-of-a-kind pendants.
Thank-you Susan!

Friday, June 12, 2009

.~Alma Pottery.~

These days each morning that I wake up feels like Christmas! First thing I do is check my email to see if I have another email from an Etsy artist who might want to donate something to our Heart at Work Silent Auction. This morning I was pleasantly surprised by Alma's Pottery
Lavnia wrote me and even linked me to what she is going to donate! Oh look how beautiful these bowls are!
Here is a description of them straight from the artists store:
"Slip cast in porcelain in my original molds the bowls are very ,very light. I certainly see them filled with cherries and ice creams and summer salads and the glazes look stunning on them. They are made in molds but slightly altered and I cut the lip with a sharp knife in a slight uneven height,so not two of them will be completely identical .they are also slightly warped because I handle them while still wet and the porcelain has a thing called "memory" (fascinating BTW )I didn't break any yet so I don't know how much abuse they can take but I would advice you buy them only if you are inclined by nature to drink tea out of fine transparent china rather than stainless steel cups.If you like sturdy,real sturdy pottery in the same molds I make thick bowls with a stony feel and texture. "
Make sure to stop in the Alma Pottery Etsy store to see all the other wild and wonderful things Lavnia creates!
Thank-you for donating!

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