Monday, May 17, 2010

.~Fusible Web Applique' Demo ~

Fusible web applique' is so fun and easy to do.  Bigfork Bay Cotton Company has a wide array of beautiful patterns.  Once you learn how easy it is to do, you will find yourself totally addicted!

I am going to show you how to bring Debi Hubbs pattern Apple of My Eye to life.

Trace the pattern pieces onto fusible web.  I personally like to use Pellon Wonder Under. Bigfork Bay Cotton Company conveniently placed the pattern pieces in their own color groupings.

Cut around your traced color groupings and iron them to the wrong side of the fabrics.  So many times when using batiks you cannot tell which is the wrong side.  So if you can't tell, it doesn't matter.  The reason Bigfork Bay Cotton Company suggests that you use batiks is that batiks has a very high thread count, and when you cut into the fabrics they are less likely to fray.  Also batiks have a most beautiful painterly quality. Batik Textiles has wonderful batiks.  The majority of the fabrics that Bigfork Bay Cotton Comapany uses is from Batik Textiles.

Your next step is to cut out all the applique' pieces right on the line.  It is like cutting out paper dolls.  I reccommend using some very sharp micro-tip scissors.  I also reccommend using an exacto knife to cut out those tiny little legs!
 To keep your applique' pieces organized, label baggies with the applique' pieces names on them.  For example: red apples, crow #1, crow#2, green leaves... .  This not only helps keep you organized, but also keeps you from losing any of the real small pieces!

Now  the fun begins! 

 You place the applique pressing sheet over the layout guide. 
 You can see right through through the applique' pressing sheet.  The Bigfork Bay Cotton Company reccomends the sheet manufactured by Bear Thread Designs.  It is the best one on the market and has a 5 year guarentee.

  Begin by  matching up the letters and numbers then tap into place with a hot iron.  The fabric will stick to the fabric, but nothing sticks to the applque ' pressing sheet.  Eventually, by  ironing all the applique' pieces into place you will have the entire design built on top of the applique' pressing sheet.  Once the fabrics have cooled off, you can peel the entire design off the applique' pressing sheet in one piece and iron onto the background fabric.

The final steps are to sew on the inner and outer border.  Create a sandwich by layering your quilt top, batting and backing. Use a darning foot, put your feed dogs down and free motion one straight stitch around the raw edge of each applique' 
 Sew your binding on and Viola! You have the most adorable wall quilt to keep for yourself or gift to a family member or friend!

If you like what you see on the cover of the pattern, Bigfork Bay Cotton Company offers matching fabric and Aurifil thread kits.  Or you can have fun frolicking in your fabric stash and pick out your own colors. 


Karri said...

Nice description of the fusible web technique. You make it sound sooo easy! You are bound to encourage the beginners.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Well after reading the simple instructions I am now hooked. Thank yu for making it so easy to understand to this novice.

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Dear Diane,

I am so happy that my fusible web applique demo helped you understand how easy this technique is. I work for the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. and we have over 60 designs to choose from!

And if you have any questions, please call Bigfork Bay and we can help you through anything!

Take Good Care,

Traci Suzanne~

PS Love to see what projects you end up making!

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