Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.~ Fabric Give Away #2.~

Sundancer's Give~A~Way #2

This 1/2 yard of fabric is from a collection called Cottage Charm by Heather Muider Peterson.  Heather not only designs fabric for Henry Glass Fabrics, but  is also the owner of Anka's Treasures Pattern Company.

I remember the day I bought this fabric. Chances are I was dieting at the time, and it reminded me of mint chip ice cream, but without the calores:)  Of course, I just had to have it!

My plans for the fabric?
Pillows. Yes, I had BIG plans to create pillows with this fabric.  Yes, pillows with this fabric and other coordinating fabrics like mint green and brick red.  The vision was and continues to be a grand idea!  But will I ever do it?  I don't think so.
The question no longer is what I am going to do with this fabric, but what are you going to do with it if you win the give~a~way?  And the only way to find out is to get in the winner in the circle!

Here is what needs to be done if you want to win...

Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. is planning on publishing more Debi Hubbs Art Quilt Patterns.  I have  three designs picked out that I am hoping they will produce. The first person who lists at least 1 of the three designs that I have picked out, will win this fabric!

Step by Step how to find Debi's designs...

STEP #1 Go to  Debi Hubbs' website Debi Hubbs Prints and pick out three designs that you'd like to see the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company turn into art quilt patterns next. If you are unfamiliar with what patterns the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. has already produced of Debi's,click here: Debi Hubbs Patterns

STEP #2 Leave a comment  listing the three designs you'd like to see.

Again, the first person who picks at least 1 of the three designs I am hoping Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. will make art quilt patterns out of next wins!

I can't wait to see what your picks are!

Oh and sorry BBCC employees or their pets are not elegible to play:)


Sylvia said...

Oh darn it! Joey knew the answer to the question too. Poor puppy. Guess he will have to pick some fabric he likes from your etsy store.

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

I know...
life is not fair sometimes.
The good nes is I am going to post a fun piece of fabric in my etsy store at "tea time."
Hint, Hint.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

Here are my choices. i would love to see "Bird Dog" or, "an Apple a Day Keeps the Donkey Away" or "Lucy"

I enjoyed looking at her prints. I think I may have to check out the patterns at BBCC.

Brenda said...

Bunny (just because it's my new favorite and Bunnies are very popular in folk art quilts which would probably make this one a really good seller, ahem!), Pear party (crows and primitives are like bees and honey...this one would look wonderful make in wool on flannel!), and Ewe and Me (because quilter's are all about friendship and wool...LOL!)
I love all her art so I can't wait to see what BBCC releases! B=)

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Crafty Maine Mom:
I LOVE your choices, and An Apple A Day is already a pattern - GREAT CHOICE!
Lucy is in the running, but not a top 3. So I am going to send you a consolation prize!
You can keep guessing if you'd like:)
Thanks for playing!

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

I LOVED your feedback.
None of the ones you mentioned were in my top three, BUT...I am going to send you a consolation prize also!
Your feedback is invaluable:)
Thank-you for taking the time!

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