Thursday, December 9, 2010

.~Lia Lane, Cowgirl and Spirit.~

Painting By Lia Lane
Website: Lia's Beeswaxed
Read Lia's Artist Interview
 by Creative Apple Fine Art Photography
On November 30th, 2010 I was sitting at my kitchen table with Cowgirl at my feet.  While scratching her ears, I was soothing my soul by conversing with fellow artists in the Etsy Chat Room.  On this magical night, I met a most amazing artist by the name of Lia Lane. 
Her artwork immediately caught my heart.
I chatted to Lia about Cowgirl's challenges with cancer and  her upcoming operation. I let her know how precarious the next couple of days would be. Just as I was signing off, Lia caught me and told me that she wanted to gift me with a painting.  I was so amazed at her generosity.  I told her that I would so love to trade art for art.  She picked out Sweet Medicine and Passing Through.  I was thrilled.
On December 2nd, 2010, Cowgirl and I walked into the waiting room at the Mountain Vista Veternarian Clinic. As soon as we opened the door there was a most beautiful black cat named Spirit waiting for us. 
My mouth dropped as I immediatley flashbacked on Lia's painting. (By the way for those who do not know me, I have red hair like the girl in the painting.)
Sadly Cowgirl did not survie the operation.  Her cancer had taken her over.
But isn't this a most amazing story?
It depicts exactly how I feel right now about the loss of my Cowgirl.
And I think that Spirit the cat was there to help Cowgirl cross over.
Lia thank-you for your giving heart.
I will treasure this painting always.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

I love the painting, and the story. I am thinking about you, Traci!

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Dear Susan,
Thank-you so much. I miss her.
I appreciate your concern more than tou could ever know.
oxoxo Traci

Lucia said...

HI Susan,
This is the first time that I read your post and you have really touched your heart with your writing. I hope that you feel better soon and I look forward to reading your blog.
Take care,

Patty said...

I'm So Sorry Susan for your loss. I came by your blog through Lia. There is no pain like the pain felt on a furry friend passing. My prayers are with you. The painting was meant to be :) Funny how God knows what we need. Hugs, Patty

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Dear Lucia and Patty,
So nice to meet you and thank-you for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I do need to clarify that my name is Traci. However my middle name is Suzanne.
Again, I thank-you both and I look forward to continued correspondence!
Merry Christmas~

Valerie Hart said...

Dear sweet Traci... my heart is breaking for your recent loss of Cowgirl... sigh. Our pets become like little children to us and their loss is great. Be very gentle with yourself now as you grieve this passing... I'm sending you love and healing prayers...(hug).

Peace, Love & Blessings,
xoxo Valerie

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Thank-you Valerie.
I went to your website.
Wow you are such an inspiration!
We seem to have so much in common!
I have almost every one of your suggested books!
I can't wait to learn more about you.
I appreciate you leaving a comment.
It means so much to me~

brenda said...

This is a really good story...there is an invisible world working around us all the time.

frizzyfairy said...

That is such a beautiful story. Lias work is so soothing, i hope that it continues to help your loss x

Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Thank-you so much for leaving a comment. It really meant a lot to me. Miss Lia is an angel in my life. Truly.

Miss Frizzy...your artwork is just beautiful! I am now a follower of your work as well!

Take Good Care,


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