Saturday, February 20, 2010

.~Red, White and You!.~

Red, White and You!
Artist: Traci Suzanne Marvel
Materials: Acrylic Paint and Sharpie Paint Sticks
Created on Canvas Board
Size: 8" X 10"
(Living in Virginia)

Story Behind The Art:
Have you ever had a down day?
A day when everything seems to go wrong and nothing seems to go right?
But then that person walks into your world.
That person with such a joy filled spirit that the whole rooom lights up like a 4th of July celebration.
Do you know anyone like that?
I do.
This painting is dedicated to those people that lift spirits wherever they go.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

.~Sundance on My Mind.~

Sundance on My Mind
By Traci Suzanne Marvel
5" X 5"
Original Acrylic on stretched Canvas
All 4 sides painted black
Signed on front by artist
Signed, Titled, Dated on back by artist
(Living in Montana)

Story Behind the Artwork:

The first year I participated in the Harvest Festival at the Sundance Resort, I became mesmerized by the Aspen Groves there.

In Montana where I live, we do have aspen groves, but they are generally off by themselves, not associating with the other trees.

But at the Sundance Resort it seems that the Aspen trees are good friends with and surrounded by a myriad of others trees - especially the pines and maples - which at fall time create splendid eye candy!

On any given day at Sundance in the fall when the wind picks up it looks like new years eve in Time Square when the ball drops and the confetti is flying!

I can't wait to go back there.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

.~Mysteries of the Earth.~

.~Party Among The Aspens.~

Among the Aspens
New original painting by American Folk Artist Traci Suzanne Marvel.
(Living in Montana)

This original painting measures 8x8 inches. It was created using acrylic paints on Canvas Board. Signed on the front, signed, titled, and dated on the back.

Story Behind the Artwork:
Every year, as fall approaches, I have but one wish.
That wish is to find a way to visit the Sundance Resort in Utah.
There are so many things there that inspire me.
However, there is one reoccurring theme in particular that leads me directly into the wilderness of of my artistic intuition.
That dear friends is the aspen trees that grow there.
It appears every fall that the aspen trees band together and have a Mardi Gras with all the other trees that surround them.
The rich colors of all the leaves on the trees- the yellow's, reds, oranges and greens -shout from the hillsides..."Let's Party!"
I pretend that the tall slender white tree trunks speckled with black markings are having a going away celebration for all the leaves that soon will be on the forest floor enriching the soil so that more leaves can grow again in the spring.

It is my hope that everyone in their lifetime will experience the exuberance of this magical place.
Until then, this little painting is the next best thing to being there.

If you look real close you will see a whisper of a rabbit hiding in the trees.

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