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.~ My Mom's Spirit.~

I went for a walk today along the river today on my lunch hour.  The sun was up.  The sky was blue. It was beautiful. I know this is beginning to sound like a Beatle song, but really it was beautiful.  A bit nippy at 28 degrees, but beautiful none the less.

As I walked thinking about random things, l felt this amazing warmth coming from across the river.
I pulled my little Vivitar point and shoot out of my pocket and snapped this picture. I think that big bright tangerine circle is my mom's spirit.  Wouldn't you know her spirit is decked out in 2012 color of the year!
That is my mom through and through.  Always keeping up with the trends.

I love you mom. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

.~ Katherine Dunn: Misfits of Love.~

Katherine Dunn and Pino

I want to share a project on Kickstarter of an artist/writer I know named Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm. She has written a beautiful collection of short stories with art and her photography about the many old and neglected creatures that make it into her barnyard. 
This is a labor of love for Katherine. She says the stories of this project make her sing and cry all at once. She posted one of the stories that will be in the book - about an 18 year old goat - on her Kickstarter page [see Updates] and it will give you a flavor of the writing. It is heartfelt, quirky and has a fable quality like all her art.

Kickstarter works like this: You pledge an amount [from $15 to $1,000] and in turn you get a gift in return [you can opt out of the gift]. Different gifts are posted by Katherine on the site. Your credit card is not charged until the entire goal is reached  and then it is all handled by a secure site. This project is 30% funded and has until until Jan 30 to make the goal.

The campaign page  has a video and slideshow of "Misfits of Love" along with explanations of rewards to pledgers. She also updates that page frequently with 'updates'.  

By pledging even the smallest amount you will be apart of something oh~so~GRAND!

Happy New Year!
Katherine has been painting and writing since 1996. You can see her art on her main web site

Sunday, January 1, 2012

.~ What's Your Deal?.~

I have to admit to something.  I've watched a few episodes of the NEW Two and a Half Men TV Show with Ashton Kutcher. I don't watch it all the time.  In fact, I only watch it on the internet from time to time when my brain needs a good numbing:)

There is one reoccurring line on the show that Walden asks when he meets someone new that really perked my interest. The question? "What's your deal?."

I find that question so intriguing and in 2012, that is my quest to figure out what my deal is.
It seems I have lost site of my origin, my roots, my essential core.
Who exactly am I?

If Walden asked me "what's my deal?"
What would be my reply?

That is what I am on a mission to find out.

By the way?
Do you know what your deal is?

Cheers to 2012,
I have been waiting for you to arrive!

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